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Feb 6, 2019 · The proliferative phase is the longest phase of healing your piercing, lasting up to many months, so hang in there! Stage 3: Maturation Phase During the third and final stage, your body will strengthen the skin which lines the site of the piercing.

Drink lots of water, especially after eating. Placement: Vertically or horizontally along the brow.

It's important to know what happens in each stage to be able to accurately know when your piercing is healed! Stage 1: Inflammatory Stage During.

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. Tenderness. Soak a cotton ball in the salt water and place it on the infected area.

That’s a long time, especially compared to an earlobe piercing which takes only 1 to 2 months.

As a cartilage piercing, the lack of nerve endings and reduced blood flow in the area of the tragus slows down the healing process a lot. . .

However, the time may extend to three to four months, or even between five to six months, depending on your body and lifestyle. The type of eyebrow piercing you get will also play a critical role in the healing period.



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Apply a small amount of soap on the new piercing and the area for about 30 seconds. .


As soon as your piercing is done, your piercer will insert the jewelry and. For certain piercings, it may be easier to apply using a clean non-woven gauze saturated with saline solution. Do this for a few months after the piercing.

. You may notice a bit of redness, bruising. Pat it dry with a tissue or clean cotton. “And spray saline front and back no more than twice a day. ☊ Find out where every ear piercing type is placed. The wound is changing and maturing, the cells that were helping heal it are no longer needed.


Aftercare: Avoid touching the piercing. May 6, 2020 · class=" fc-falcon">It can take up to 9 months for a daith piercing to heal.



Piercing your tongue is often associated with symptoms such as bleeding, swelling, redness, and pain, but they relatively quick – compared to other piercings – due to the high supply of blood in the tongue.