Unit 4.


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(i) Prove the identity sin θ + cos θ 1 – sin θ cos θ = sin 3 θ – cos 3 θ.

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Sequences & Series; Exponents & Logarithms; Counting Principles; Binomial Theorem; Complex Numbers; Functions – Topic 2. Geometry & Trigonometry / 3. New Curriculum Information.

(i) Prove the identity sin θ + cos θ 1 – sin θ cos θ = sin 3 θ – cos 3 θ. This is a free revision module for IB Math Geometry & Trigonometry.

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Sine rule.

Paper 3 just measures your ability to solve unfamiliar questions, so you cant identify techniques or whatever beforehand. Radian measure; Unit circle and exact.

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This video covers the Unit Circle and Trigonometric Ratios.

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